Optex LX-402 Outdoor PIR


  • Used to trigger lighting or cameras
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Selectable detection patterns (Pet Alley or Multi-Level)
  • Area-masking strips
  • Sensitivity selection switch
  • Selectable pulse count (test or 2)
  • Day & night modes

2 in stock (can be backordered)


2 in stock (can be backordered)

Optex LX-402 Outdoor PIR

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The LX-402 detector provides reliable outdoor intrusion detection for both residential and commercial applications. When mounted at 1.2m high it can be used in pet alley mode ignoring small animals and detecting only people. Its patented double conductive shielding makes it resistant to strong sunlight, reducing the risk of false alarms. It can be used to trigger a CCTV camera, a light or an alarm on an intrusion detection panel.

Selectable detection patterns Easy set-up
The LX-402 is versatile and features two modes, the multi-level (standard) one or the “pet alley” mode that can be easily selected by sliding the printed circuit board and flipping the mirror. The pet alley mode provides a horizontal detection pattern allowing animals such as dogs and cats to move under it without triggering the alarm. The LX-402 has been designed for easy set-up. The wiring is made easy by two two wiring holes, the selection of the day/night mode is done via a simple button, and three sensitivity levels (low, medium, high) can be selected.


  • Perimeter
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • Garden
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • Easy selection for standard detection or pet alley mode
  • Day/night functionality
  • Double conductive shielding
  • IP 54 rating
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Weight 0.181 kg
Dimensions 14.7 × 8.4 × 7.9 cm

Product Specifications:

Model LX-402
Detection Method Passive Infrared
Detection Area 12 m x 15 m (40 ft. x 50 ft.) 120° wide
Coverage Multi-Level area: 40 Zones / Pet Alley Area: 18 Zones
Mounting Multi-level area: 2.5 m (8.3 ft) / Pet Alley Area: 1.2 – 1.5 m (1 – 3.3 ft/sec)
Detection speed 0.3 – 1.0 m/sec (1 – 3.3 ft/ sec)
Sensitivity adjustment Selectable 3 position (H, M, L)
LED indicator LED Lights during detection
Alarm period 2 +/- 1 sec (delay timer)
Alarm output N.C. NO 28V DC 0.2A max
Tamper Switch Opens when cover removed
Pulse Count 2 (20 +/- 5 sec) or TEST (1 pulse)
Day/Night mode adjustment Approx 10 to 100,000 lux
Warm-up period Approx 60 sec.
Power input 10.8 -13.2V DC
Current draw 25mA max
Installation Place Wall (indoor/outdoor)
Operating Temperature -4 – + 122°F (-20 – +50°C)
Environmental humidity 95% max
Weight 170g (6.0 oz)
IP rating IP 54
Accessory Masking strips (LX402 only), mounting screw, sponge

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